I'm GAN fka Guilherme Afonso Nunes and I'm a sixth-year medical student from Lisbon.

Long story, short: between exams and lockdowns, I had the idea of making earrings inspired by Portuguese tiles. I wanted to bring a touch of this amazing culture to the world and showcase the beauty of our tiles in a new way.

The goal is to have collections of tiles from cities all around the world - each with its own flavor and character - and who knows, maybe some special collaborations with local artists or ceramic factories to bring a new level of creativity and authenticity to the brand.

Every pair of earrings is handcrafted by me, in my room at home. Using air-drying clay and stainless steel allows me to create earrings that are not only unique, but also durable and long-lasting.

And the best part? Each pair of earrings is a real representation of a specific location, which you can find in the product description. So, go ahead, take a virtual tour of the world through my earrings, and maybe even plan a real-life trip to see the tiles in person. Fun fact: I lived in Arco do Cego back in 2016.

Say cheese!